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How long do rook cards last?

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By admin - Posted on 24 October 2011

We had gone through another deck of cards that we purchased from Walmart and I finally decided to time how many hours we were actually getting out of one deck of cards. I felt I was ready to switch to a new deck pretty much right after we opened the new deck of cards they were lasting no time at all.

So we monitored, after one session of playing for 3 hours, the cards were already well worn down. After 2 session, there was a significant amount of stickiness to them. After 3 sessions of playing for 3 hours, our deck of cards from Walmart were at the point where I was ready to switch to a new deck.

This is about 9 hours worth of playing time. In more humid areas, this is going to be even shorter.

How long do your decks of non-plastic rook cards last you? Is it more that 7 playing sessions? Is it more than 9 hours?