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Rook Cards: The Variations of Decks Over the Years

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By admin - Posted on 12 September 2011

Have you ever been interested in the history behind the different variations of rook cards over the years? If you are new to the card game rook, you may not have realized that rook was created in the early 1900s and ultimately has gone through a number of different rook card decks. Coit Morrison has one of the most well known set of rook card collections on the net. How he got into collecting rook cards I will never know. But looking through his images we are amazed at how many variations of decks there have been over the years. Actually, we are more amazed that one person was able to collect all the variations and keep them in mint condition (for the most part).

If you have an old deck of rook cards just lying around your house, or you found it in your grandfather's house, you may want to contact Coit to see what the going value of that deck may cost. If you are not planning on using it down the road, it might be worth anywhere from $15 - $50 depending on the year and commonality of the deck.